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If you find yourself in a crisis because of asbestos in your home or business please give CleanUP a call. We are Pittbsurgh’s best source for asbestos removal. We are certified and fully capable of helping you deal with your asbestos problems.

Pittsburgh Asbestos Removal Company

Why does asbestos need removed

Asbestos is a very strong fiber and only becomes dangerous when it begins to break down. Asbestos breaking down is accelerated during a water damage or a building remodel. Tiny fibers when disturbed can be inhaled and cause serious lung difficulties. So if you have a home built before 1990 and have a water damage restoration project or other building damage issues make sure to have your home or business asbestos tested to see if asbestos abatement is necessary. Asbestos can be in many materials including

What is the best way to remove asbestos

Because of the dangerous nature of asbestos proper steps need to be taken to ensure it’s removal. Many certifications and multiple safety steps must be taken to remove and abate asbestos. Here at CleanUp we are fully up to speed and certified to make your home or business safe and secure.

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